• Anonymous

    Your scent, it hurts me,

    And sometimes when I walk,

    I see you looking at me

    Do not close your eyes to feel

    Feel you in my bones,

    I continue on down the path

    Continues, still alive

    And everyone you're with

    Wrap alone tonight

    I put them aside

    And you alone enveloping

    That a woman like you

    You have access to, you have reason to

    And you will always be


    A handful of unanswered questions

    Disappear hydrogen


    Everything disappears when you kiss

    Everything disappeared inside

    Right to bite,,,

    And the heat of Nsimoteich

    When I penetrate

    Makes the building attract other

    I love you


    Not giving up

    And did you give up?

    I do not know that you do not

    Waives that want

    What want then

    My love will march together to:

    Happiness coveted beloved ................???

  • Anonymous

    thanx a lot to be my friend......take care

    • chekii

      no problem :)

  • ya i miss you

  • what's up with the weather love?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, sweety for the add<3